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Professional Drone Aerial Operations - Photography, Videography, Surveys, Inspections, Agriculture, Real Estate, Publicity, Promotional, Weddings, 3D Mapping and more. Free Pre-Deployment survey. CAA Approval for 20Kg Aircraft.

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Professional Drone Aerial Operations - Photography, Videography, Surveys, Inspections, Agriculture, Real Estate, Publicity, Promotional, Weddings, 3D Mapping and more. Free Pre-Deployment survey. CAA Approval for 20Kg Aircraft.
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​We Are Frequently Asked How We Do It And What Can We Do?

​Here Are Some Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. 1
    How far, how high, how fast can you fly?
    It really is question of what the CAA regulations allow and what airspace restrictions are in place in the area of operations. We can freely fly at an altitude of 400ft and at a distance of 500m providing we have line of sight. Speed is less important as we are generally photographing stationary or slow moving objects, but if necessary we can fly at speeds approaching 80KPH for fast moving subjects.
  2. 2
    What about safety to people and property?
    Sky-Sight Aerial Perspective operate to the strict safety standards as in the CAA Air Navigation Order and are continually striving to improve in this area. This means that we will not fly within a safe distance from people on the ground, buildings and structures, restricted airspace or beyond visual line of site. We will only undertake any operation once the risk has been reduced to it's lowest possible level.
  3. 3
    How much will it cost?
    This is an impossible question to answer as every operation presents a different set of circumstances and location. The good news is that it costs nothing to find out. By filling in the contact form with a brief description of your requirements and the location, we will carry out a free pre-deployment survey of the area and task elements after which we will be able to supply you with a firm quotation.
  4. 4
    Why should I choose Sky-Sight Aerial Perspective?
    We are a small friendly company with the ability to respond quickly to any enquiry we receive. We will establish the viability of any mission within 24 Hrs. Our preparation and travelling time are free and you will only be expected to remunerate us from the time we arrive on site. You will receive an unedited copy of our film capture within 48hrs of the flight. We can then edit, if required, to your specification.
  5. 5
    Can you fly in all weathers?
    Unfortunately not. We do however take the weather into consideration when you book our services. Because we cannot fly in rain, snow or winds in excess of 10m/s we will always book your preferred date and an alternative date to ensure that you are not disappointed. We will monitor the weather in the days preceding the operation, with a final check 24 hours before take-off. At all times we will keep you advised.
  6. 6
    Do you need permission to fly?
    Yes and no. We do need permission from the landowner for take off clearance and if we are flying in restricted or controlled airspace. Most areas where we fly are uncontrolled and unrestricted so permissions aren't necessary apart from the authority of the land owner. We are, however, sensitive to any other situation where we may cause nuisance or inconvenience and plan to reduce this to a minimum.
  7. 7
    Is Your Equipment Friendly to the Environment?
    The short answer is YES. Our aircraft are powered by batteries and are extremely quiet and pollution free. We also take considerable care during our pre-flight planning to consider any effect we may have on local wildlife and livestock as well as the public. We plan all our operations to eliminate any impact on the environment or, to at least reduce that impact to negligible levels.
  8. 8
    Are Your Pilots Trained to a High Standard?
    Absolutely YES! Our pilots are all trained to an exceptionally high level. All have studied at ground school and have passed their theory exam. Their piloting skills have all been tested by a CAA certified examiner. In addition, they all have a thorough knowledge of the Air Navigation Order relating to operating a drone safely in UK airspace.We also have strict rules to determine our pilots ongoing training.
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